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PhDs in STEM: the career after- Part 3

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Current doctorate programmes in STEM prepare students for lab work research, which does not reflect the environment, skills and eventually the career they might have in the industry and public sector. Most universities offer personal development cohort sessions and seminars based on skills found necessary for an academic career but not designed based on individual needs.

Most wanted attributes

In non-academic careers, employers seek PhDs who pose:

  • subject matter expertise,

  • convincing communication skills,

  • multidisciplinary engagement,

  • entrepreneurial and project management skills,

  • professional intellectualism,


  • the capability to use knowledge from a broader perspective extends the research's public significance.


By knowing that PhD holders in STEM investigate natural resources, become policy-making advisors, develop and manage industrial labs, and direct environmental rehabilitation, we will pilot the varied career paths they may ultimately follow.

STEM graduate and postgraduate programs still omit the development of individual skillsets by considering a one-size-fits-all approach in academic, personal development planning agendas.

Together, we will uniquely focus on highly individualised, one-to-one mentoring sessions that allows students to evaluate and own their career planning. PhDs and those considering a PhD, will aspire to a career they dream of and develop their career needs and skills desired by an individual by keeping in mind the diverse career opportunities.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Discover your personalised career path by rethinking your professional identity and assessing the value of a PhD to you.

  2. Make a career plan and be accountable for it.

  3. You will avoid the power imbalance (as in research/ workplace mentor-mentee relationship) and formalised mentorship programme style.

You will benefit from:

  1. Making a personalised mentorship programme.

  2. Setting clear expectations and avoiding schedule pitfalls.

  3. The expertise gained from over 15 years of international experience in academia, programme leadership, research, academic quality, mentorship and admissions.

More details on the flexible packages to best meet the needs of PhD candidates and PhDs, especially those under-represented in STEM, will come to our Facebook page soon.

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