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About the podcast

Every Sunday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Anchor FM, where you can subscribe not to miss an episode. Your feedback is invaluable.

Do not miss the live streaming of the interviews on YouTube at the channel Giota Pimenidou. For upcoming guests, live interviews, and episodes, follow the Global Greek Influence podcast on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About the hostess


Panagiota (Giota) Pimenidou is the hostess and creator of the Global Greek Influence, a respectfully and appreciatively made podcast revealing cutting-edge technology, its research, business across sectors, and its policies in today's world from Global Greeks' perspective and contributions.

Giota is a Chemical Engineer (MEng, PhD) with over fifteen years in higher education and a collective interest in everything that defines today and the future by investigating the interaction between human nature, education, politics, technology, engineering and science.

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